SOS Motorsport Eco – More smiles per gallon

SOS Motorsport Eco – More smiles per gallon.

Here at SOS Motorsport we specialize in economy vehicle tuning. Our technicians will discuss your requirements, journey types and driving style with you so they are able to create an engine calibration which is aimed at increasing MPG as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your vehicle. Our ECO remap will also give significant improvements in power and torque delivery and in many cases eliminates flatspots.

The ever increasing cost of fuel has a big impact on most individuals and businesses, on average a SOS Motorsport ECO remap will improve your vehicles economy by 10-20%. Or put another way, a typical tank of fuel that costs £75.00 in a car that averages 40mpg can achieve an extra 80 miles per tank, or a saving of around £15.00 every time you fill up.

Each and every ECO remap we carry out is bespoke. Our wealth of knowledge and experienced coupled with the extensive research and development that we carry out at our rolling road facility, ensures that you will receive the highest quality product available on the market today.

Economy tuning is suitable for a very wide range of applications, including private cars and 4x4’s, taxi economy tuning, van and motorhome tuning as well as commercial vehicles and trucks.

Prices start at just £199.