SOS Motorsport 4wd Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road

Here at SOS Motorsport we have our very own custom built sound proof dyno cell which house's our Dyno Dynamic 4 wheel drive rolling road which can handle loads up to 2400bhp.
We can work on most aftermarket ecu's (standalone) and Factory oem ecu's with great gains in power, driveability and becoming ever more popular economy

Again can offer power runs, dyno tuning , and troubleshooting diagnostics with a much more in depth data acquisition system can pin point more faults and make sure your car is running to full potential. 


We also offer Rolling Road day's for car club's/enthusiast's for upwards of Ten car's or more contact the workshop for info,availability and prices for such day's.


Dyno Hire is also available to Professional Engine Tuners upon request.
Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available. includes dyno operator. contact us for more info.  / 01324 611130