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We deliver engine optimization files to more than 3500 different car models. Please contact us, and we will do our utmost to meet your needs. We deliver engine optimization files to more than 3500 different car models. We will do our utmost to meet your needs.



What is Engine-Tuning

The type of engine-tuning we do is mainly known as ECU remapping or chip tuning.
At SOS Motorsport we call it engine optimization, as this is what we do.
When a car manufacturer is developing a new car, he looks at a couple of aspects:
It needs to compete with the main competitors on both performance and price, and to much engine power will trigger unnecessary taxes in many countries.
It should also not compete with other engines from the same manufacturer, but most importantly of all:

If you are selling 500 000 cars with the same specifications, you want to make sure that you do not get warranty claim on 50% of them, putting you out of business.
To avoid this, the car manufacturer makes sure that they have a large operation margin on all engine components, so that even with small defects or variation in production quality, the engine will run a 6 digit amount of kilometres with as little trouble as possible.


What the tuning-business then are doing, is to utilize the difference between the original effect the engine is delivered with from the factory, and the potential effect the engine can produce, still with its original hardware components running within their thresholds and limits for safe operation.

Depending on type of car, this normally allows the tuner to add something like 20-40% Hp extra to the car.

Is this easy like a turn of a button? No it is not. The software development is a long and time consuming operation, and there are hundreds of tuners that claims that they are the best.

Many are good, but the only issue is that there are also many that are not good at all. Even if the car feels alright to drive, it does not mean that the engine feels the same way.

A car properly tuned by a company who knows what they are doing, will have the same life time, same services intervals, better fuel economy and will be better to drive. This engine has like we said in the top of the article, been "optimized" to perform its best within its given limitations.

Through our partners you can be sure that your car gets the best possible engine optimization there is.